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When members are able to utilize the member referral program provided by El Cid Vacations Club, they not only are able to maximize their vacation time, but for their friends and family as well. The program has been set up to allow members to reap rewards as their friends and family build a membership with ECVC. The club prides itself on its unique accommodations that it brings to the travel world. Members and referees alike are able to enjoy a one of a kind vacation that takes its travelers to exceptional locations, while being easily affordable. While on one of these exceptional vacations, travelers are able to enjoy a variety of experiences, from a wild adventure to peaceful relaxation.  Now with the ECVC member referral program, members and their loved ones are able to take advantage of state of the art amenities that are provided across various locations in Mexico.

For more information on ECVC and its member referral program, please visit http://www.prlog.org/12324751-el-cid-vacations-club-shares-details-of-its-member-referral-program.html.


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