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El Cid Vacations Club knows that visitors making their way south to Mexico this year or any year want to make the most of their vacations.  A week or two-week holiday in a warm tropical place is something people work hard all year to enjoy.  El Cid Vacations Club wishes to ensure that its members and guests make the most of their time.  This simple list is a great tool for planning your trip and getting the most value of your time in Mazatlan, Cancun or Cozumel.

  • Pre-plan as many activities as you can prior to arriving. Make sure to leave room for spontaneity, which El Cid Vacations Club feels, is a very important component to making a special trip.  But larger activities, such as fishing, golf, or all day excursions should be planned out.  By doing this guests can know how to best plan the remaining part of the days while they do these activities, to essentially never have down moment…especially if you plan to make those moment relaxing time!
  • Sunscreen is important always! A bad sun burn can really make for an uncomfortable night sleep, as silly as this may seem so many bright red visitors leave the pool or the beach areas and their evenings are not as fun as they would like due to lack of sun screen.
  • Plan activities with the family in mind, if you have young children keep in mind that a fishing trip for 8 hours on the water might not be the best activity. El Cid Vacations Club kids club and resort activities can be fun for the family, and guest and member services, can help plan activities everyone will enjoy.
  • Avoid high fees exchanging money and stick to banks and large institutions to switch dollars into pesos. The smaller exchange houses charge really high fees and it is not in the best interest of the customer to use these.

El Cid Vacations Club resorts offer something for everyone, and there is an array of activities on all destinations where ECVC is located to leave visitors with full itinerary and a fun week in paradise!  Stay tuned for more travel tips on enjoying Mexico coming soon!

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