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El Cid Vacations Club knows that flying has become closely watched in recent years. Now every passenger and their belongings are scanned to make everyone safer. As a result, airports have increased the amount of security that they have. Passengers must now give more time before their flight to make sure they are able to get through the security of the airport. A few tips can make it a little easier to get through security.

  • Be prepared – Have you ticket or boarding pass and identification handy before you get into the security line. Don’t start looking for it when you are asked.
  • Know the rules – There are many rules in place about what you can and cannot have on a plane and they are constantly changing. The airline that you have booked your flight with should have a list of what you are allowed to have in your carry-on luggage on their website. El Cid Vacations Club recommends that you make sure to follow the rules to avoid any delays.
  • Be Nice – If the security officials ask you to do something, don’t get confrontational. You should follow their instructions to the best of your ability. A smile could help everything go a little faster.

El Cid Vacations Club knows that with these suggestions you’ll move quickly through security and be one step closer to enjoying your vacation.

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