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El Cid Vacations Club knows that depending on what activities you are planning while on your vacation you might need to rent some equipment.  Most locations that feature sports and activities where there will be plenty of places to rent.  It is a good idea to check out a couple of rental facilities to see what the rates are and what is available for rent.  Here is list of some common rentals for beach and snow vacation spots.

Beach rentals: Things that you might want to rent while staying at a coastal location might be, surfboards, kayaks, wetsuits, small boats, sand toys, beach chairs, cabañas and bikes.  Many times rental prices will vary depending on how long you will be needed the items. For example, renting for the first hour or two will be a per hour price and then if needed longer than that it will switch to a full day rate.  El Cid Vacations Club understands that the full day rental is often a much better value.  You will probably need to leave a deposit or the rental facility might ask to hold a credit card or an ID.

Snow rentals: When going to the mountain for skiing you will probably be needing rentals.  Most ski resorts will rent all ski and snowboard equipment but so will off-site stores as well.  El Cid Vacations Club knows that, while they may be out of the way, the rental rates may be better and worth going to.  Most ski and snowboard rentals are all day and possibility available for the length of your stay so you can avoid waiting in line every morning before hitting the slopes.

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