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downtown Mazatlán

Enjoy the beauty of Mazatlan with El Cid Vacations Club

El Cid Vacations Club is known for being one of the most popular travel resources for those who are planning to visit a different country this year. While spending time in their amazing accommodations, utilizing the endless amenities and more that wait in this Mexico paradise, travelers will feel a form of relaxation that they have never have before.

Take time away from the stress of everyday in order to enjoy a true luxury vacation just like you deserve. El Cid Vacations Club there is many different cities throughout the country that visitors will hope to spend time in, but one of the most popular is the area of Mazatlán. Home to a history of rich culture, artistic expression with international flair as well as many different examples of impressive architecture, exploring here will never seem dull.

One of the first stops those who want to check out all of the legendary pasts the country sheds light on will head for Centro Historico. There are quite a few examples of architecture in an era the city is known for, the Mazatlán Renaissance. During the 1800s, these post-colonial buildings have a unique style, and one of the most prominent is the Basilica De La Inmaculada Conception. Tall tiled ceilings, luxe gold and crystal features and more make this beautiful spot a for-sure stop for anyone who want to see a true work of art.

Centro Historico offers close access to quite a few fun tourist spots that El Cid Vacations Club knows travelers will want to see. Some of the most popular include the Museo Arqueological, the Sinaloa Museum, and the world famous Angela Peralta Theater. They often have a variety of concerts or shows during the week, making for a fun activity idea no matter when you visit. For more ideas about things to do in the area, consider El Cid Vacations Club a go-to source.

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