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With the backdrop of a popular tourist destination, El Cid Vacations Club knows that Mayan culture has had a substantial impact on the region and continued to fascinate tourists and locals alike. While having a relaxing trip near amazing beaches and unbeatable accommodations, taking the time to see the ruins of the Mayan culture will provide a more well-rounded experience for the traveler to develop a greater appreciation for the history and culture of the region. This can be done through tours that offer useful information and insights into the Mayan culture that will help enhance such an excursion.

El Cid Vacations Club suggests a visit to one of the most famous sites in Mexico, Chichen-Itza. This was the former capital of the Mayan Empire and continues to be an important archaeological site. Elements include the Temple of Warriors, the observatory, and the pyramid of Kukulkan. Additional areas are reflecting Mayan culture, but this is one of the most recognized. Certain tours will cover many of these sites for the travelers to get a complete experience. Regardless of which destinations are explored, visitors can make it an entire day trip to see everything that is available. Doing so should help enhance the journey to create beautiful memories of adventure and discovery.

A vacation in Riviera Maya will be more complete when taking at least a slight glimpse into the Mayan civilization. El Cid Vacations Club is a top vacation provider located in Mexico, proud to offer travelers a fantastic holiday to remember. With their top-tier locations in Cancun, Cozumel and even the exciting city of Mazatlán, there is something for everyone to enjoy during their trip. All those who are in the middle of planning an upcoming trip are most likely tired of a vacation routine. Many people out there like to switch it up while on their travels, and that’s why some of these unique locations or attractions in a city are always enticing for variety.

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