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El Cid Vacations Club knows that people may be taking one last family vacation before the end of summer. It can be difficult to decide the perfect destination that is ideal for the whole family. The best place to travel to over the next month is none other than Cozumel, Mexico. Not only does this city offer stunning beaches, beautiful water, and great shopping and restaurants, but terrific events that are great for the whole family. One event that is coming up in September is Mexico’s Independence Day in Cozumel.

When going on vacation to a new destination, it is important to take part in any local festivals or events that may be going on in the area. This will allow tourists and guests the opportunity to learn more about the rich history and tradition of the city. When visiting Cozumel in September, guests should make their way to the Mexico’s Independence Day celebration. This holiday is extremely important for the people of the country and is a great festival to be part of.

El Cid Vacations Club shares that the celebrations occurs on two different days. On the night of September 15th, people will meet in City Hall at 11 pm and be led by the mayor as they shout the cry of independence. After this, guests can enjoy a terrific firework display, delicious food, entertainment, and more. The next day brings about even more fun with a parade, food stands, and terrific shopping available.

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