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Mazatlan is one of the world’s most stunning destinations for travel. Each year, a number of lucky travelers are treated to the beauty and unmatchable atmosphere that can be found in this historic city.  With a variety of activities, sights, and events that visitors can enjoy when they visit, as well as top entertainment and dining options, Mazatlan is a one of a kind destination that offers travelers the chance for truly unique vacations.

When visiting Mazatlan, there are countless options for things to see and do. These endless options make it easy for travelers to find things to do when they arrive in this gorgeous city. El Cid Vacations Club knows that one of the best options that travelers have for entertainment when they visit Mazatlan is a trip to the beautiful Malecon.

Malecon is a four-mile long boardwalk located in Mazatlan. This is the perfect spot for strolling along and enjoying the Mazatlan atmosphere, or visitors can even enjoy some great outdoor activities like biking and jogging while gazing at the waters below. It also allows travelers to enjoy some art and culture, as the boardwalk is decorated with a number of statues and monuments of mermaids, dolphins, and other beautiful works of art.

With both the natural and artistic beauty that this area offers, El Cid Vacations Club knows that a trip to Malecon is a great way to add some extra fun and stunning memories to your next trip to Mazatlan. Be sure to add an afternoon at this boardwalk to your must-do list when you get ready for your next vacation.

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