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Spring festival at Mazatlan with El Cid

Now it is easier than ever before to have a fantastic vacation getaway in the beautiful destination of Mazatlán. The city is now more accessible by plane, and is the perfect choice for those who want to get away from it all and experience a stunning new destination that has a unique feel and extraordinary culture. El Cid Vacations Club shares that Mazatlán is also an ideal destination for those wo want to get truly immersed in a culture as Mazatlán has a rich history and that is easy to enjoy visiting  the city Additionally, Mazatlán is host to a number of extraordinary events all year round that attract travelers and locals to enjoy together.

This spring, the event offerings in Mazatlán are outstanding shares EL Cid Vacations Club. There are sporting events including a surfing tournament and a PGA tour for golfers that will be showcased in Mazatlán. There are additionally a number of other great family events and attractions happening throughout the spring. This March, one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the season, the Spring Cultural Festival, will begin, and it should not be missed.

The festival runs from March to July, and there will be over 70 unique performances and special events that are part of the fair. The performances will take place in different venues all over the city. Some of the featured arts include ballet, opera, film, theater, modern dance, literature, and music. For those who are visiting Mazatlán with their children, there will be many attractions during this festival that are perfect for them. Two events in particular that are great for families are the Children’s Cultural Festival, and the Festival of Youth. El Cid Vacations Club shares that there will also be a Day of Music and International Dance Festival that can be enjoyed by those who attend the festival. Start planning now to be sure to enjoy an unforgettable festival this spring.

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