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El Cid Vacations Club is one of the top vacation providers out there, and prides their company on offering one of the best trip experiences to Mexico that many will get the chance to experience in their lifetime. Top of the line accommodations and amenities are only some of the things that will be waiting, so don’t hesitate to start planning a trip here today to discover all this and more.

The city of Cozumel is a great choice for vacationers to visit for many reason, but truly the landmarks found throughout the city that make for excellent sightseeing during a trip are a draw for many travelers.  One sightseeing venture that visitors should take at least one day of their trip to explore is the Faro Celerain Eco Park. Wildlife lovers will rejoice about seeing some of the rare creatures who call this area home, including sea turtles, crocodiles and plenty of different tropical birds.

Besides all of the opportunities to see different wildlife, El Cid Vacations Club shares that this site is also the home to a small Mayan ruin. This former culture was a large part of the area in past years and now people can see just how the Mayans lived at the El Caracol site. Last but not least, stop by the Faro Celerain lighthouse for a fun way to finish off the day, which is also home to a small museum about the sea.

The Cozumel Museum is another fun pick for all those out there who are curious to learn more about the city’s unique history and culture. El Cid Vacations Club shares kids especially will find an afternoon here to be quite inviting. But no matter what you decide to do during your Mexico vacation, Cozumel is considered the perfect place to unwind.

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